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A donation to the Tyler Rigg Foundation (501c3) will reach the lives and hearts of many in need of a hand, a lift or a head start. Help us keep Tyler's memory alive by making a donation. The TRF puts these donations to work in communities around the world, making the world just a little brighter - just as Tyler would have done. 


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Tyler Rigg Foundation, we have created a "Spirit of Tyler" fund.   Please make a note in your donation if you would like your money earmarked for the Spirit of Tyler fund. 


Thank you. 

PayPal donations accepted below.
(Don't worry! You won't need a PayPal account to support TRF. PayPal accepts all forms of payment on our behalf.)
Please contact tylerriggfoundation@gmail.comwith inquiries or to make a donation. 
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